Rescue/Engine 39
2011 Sutphen Monarch Series
Cummins ISM 500HP Engine
Allison EVS4000 Transmission
Harrison MPC 30KW Hydro Generator
QMAX 2000gpm Single Stage Pump
Command Light 9000w Light Tower
750 Gallon Water
30 Gallon Class A Foam
30 Gallon Class B Foam
Amkus and Genesis Rescue Tools
8 Man Cab with 7 MSA SCBA in Bostrom Tanker seats
Rescue 42 Stabilization Struts
Air Chisels
Electric & Battery Power Tools
Many Misc Hand Tools
High Pressure Air Bags
Basic Haz Mat Mitigation Equipment
Stokes Basket
BLS EMS Equipment - AED
Basic Rope Rescue Equipment
Assorted Vent Saws (chain & rotary)
1200 feet 5" Supply Line
3--- 1-3/4" Preconnects
1--- 2-1/2" Preconnect
Blitzfire Monitor
Various Adapters / Hose Appliances
Traffic Control / Safety Equipment
24' Extension Ladder
14' Roof Ladder
10' Attic Ladder
8' Attic Ladder
Little Giant Ladder System
Various Pike Poles
Foam / Brush 39
2008 Dodge - Darley
Dodge 5500 Crew Cab
Cummins Diesel
250 GPM pump
250 Gallon Water
Darley - Odin Foam CAFS
Harrison 8 KW Hydraulic Generator
Front Bumper Turret w/ CAFS
Chain Saws
Portable Pump
Various Wildland Tools
Various Structural Tools
Stihl Backpack Blower
Special Service 39
2006 Ford F350
6.0L Power Stroke
Extenda Bed
1- Gasoline Hydraulic Pump
1- Amkus Hyd Spreader
1- Amkus Hyd Cutter
Misc BLS equipment
1- Stihl Chainsaw
1- Johsonred Chainsaw
Misc Cribbing
6500 Watts HONDA Generator
Tanker 39
2004 Freightliner FL112/Precision
Cat C-12 455 HP
Allison EV4000
5000watt HONDA Generator
Hale 1500gpm Single Stage Pump
2750 Gallon Water
CET 750gpm Briggs and Straton Power Portable Pump
3--- Remote Powered Dump Valves (can be controlled in 4 places)
3 Man Cab
35' Extension Ladder
14' Roof Ladder
10' Attic Ladder
Multiple Fire Extinguishers
Varies Pike Poles
Chain and Rotary Vent Saws
1200ft 5" Supply Line
500ft 3" Supply Line
2---1-3/4" Preconnects
1---2-1/2" Preconnect
1--- Deck Gun
3--- 10ft Hard Suction
3" Deck Gun Base
3000 Gallon Porta Tank
Various Hose Adapters/Connectors/Nozzles
Phantom Hydrant
5" WYE
Misc Hand Tools
5" Hose Ramps
Tsunami Sump Pump
Engine 39
1993 Sutphen Custom Deluge Series
Detroit 8V92 450hp Engine
Allison Automatic
6500 Watt HONDA Generator
Hale 1500gpm Single Stage Pump
750 Gallon Water
20 Gallon Class A Foam
25 Gallon Class B Foam
Darley 200cfm Compressed Air Foam System w/ Direct Fill (CAFS)
Bypass Class B Foam System
6--- Man Cab with 5 MSA SCBA Seats
1--- R.I.T Pack
Cairns Viper Thermal Imaging Camera
MSA 5200 Thermal Imaging Camera
MSA 3-Gas Meter
Bacharach CO Meter
24' Extension Ladder
14' Roof Ladder
10' Attic Ladder
8' Attic Ladder
Multiple Fire Extinguishers
Varies Pike Poles
Dragon Slayer
TNT Tool
Battery Powered Genisus Combo Rescue Tool
Rescue 42 Stabilization Struts
Chain and Rotary Vent Saws
1800ft 5" Supply Line
3---1-3/4" Preconnects w/ CAFS
1---1-3/4" Preconnect w/ Class B Foam
1---2-1/2" Preconnect
1---3" Preconnect w/ Blitzfire Moniter & CAFS
1--- Deck Gun w/ CAFS
2--- 10ft Hard Suction
Various Hose Adapters/Connectors/Nozzles
Misc Hand Tools
Smoke Ejector
Brush 39 (Retired)
1984 Chevrolet

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